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ANTHROPOLOGY TODAY provides a forum for the application of anthropological analysis to public and topical issues.

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Covers AT August 2014, volume 30 issue 4

Front coverWORLD CUP 2014 AND THE MILITARIZATION OF FAVELASOn the day of the World Cup final, Pamela, a member of the Occupy Alemão (Ocupa Alemão) collective, paints banners for a protest in Saens Peña square, less than a mile from where Argentina lost to Germany in Maracanã Stadium.In the run-up to the two mega-events –…Continue

Tags: favelas, arisan, 2014, August, covers

Started by AT admin in AT August 2014 Aug 16.

CHRIS HANN Imperative Eurasia

The end of the Cold War marked the apogee of Western global domination, but this has since come under increasing threat, notably through the rise of China. To preserve the values of European social democracy, it makes more sense to negotiate new rules of political economy with multiple centres of power across Eurasia than to plunge deeper into a free trade zone with North America. Current Eu-ropean institutions are unable to respond to this new challenge; nor are the institutions of…Continue

Tags: CHRIS HANN, article, 2014, August

Started by AT admin in AT August 2014 Aug 16.

SHIRLEY ARDENER Credit unions and money clubs (ROSCAs)

This article responds to the Archbishop of Canterbury's high profile endorsements of Credit Unions and his strong stance against so-called payday loan companies charging high rates of interest. His views have received wide press coverage along with responses by pay day loan companies. This ar-ticle looks at research on Rotating Savings and Credit Associations (ROSCA) which flourish in com-munities frequented by anthropologists worldwide to meet the financial needs of participants. Unlike credit…Continue

Tags: SHIRLEY ARDENER, article, 2014, August

Started by AT admin in AT August 2014 Aug 16.

JAMES FERNANDEZ & JOHN HERZOG Farewell Lord Jeffrey Amherst: Debate over Amherst College’s institutional anchorage in history

Over the last quarter century or more there has been continuous debate in American Colleges and Universities over the use of icons and mascots as identity markers and subjects of dramatized play-ing field appearances and of rouse songs. For the most part these icons and mascots have been essentialized American Indians. The Amherst case is unique. The icon, mascot and song subject is a historical figure, Lord Jeffrey Amherst, the British General ultimately victorious in the French and Indian…Continue

Tags: JOHN HERZOG, JAMES FERNANDEZ, article, 2014, August

Started by AT admin in AT August 2014 Aug 16.

LOTTE MEINERT, JULAINA A. OBIKA & SUSAN REYNOLDS WHYTE Crafting forgiveness accounts after war: Editing for effect in northern Uganda

After two decades of conflict and internment in camps for Internally Displaced Persons (IDP), the Acholi people have returned to their homes and are trying to heal their wounds after the long war in Northern Uganda. Bilateral and multilateral donors, NGOs, cultural organizations, and religious insti-tutions are involved in the politically and personally sensitive work of reconciliation. Yet for most people the actual restoration of peace lies in establishing an everyday life and being able to…Continue


Started by AT admin in AT August 2014 Aug 16.

THOMAS LYONS The genocidal virus: Addressing beliefs among students of colour that AIDS is a man-made disease

This paper explores beliefs revealed in classroom discussions at a majority black university in the United States that HIV/AIDS is a form of genocide. The perspective of the sociology of knowledge, a critique of the realist interpretation of science, argues that these beliefs are rational given the stu-dents’ social relationship to the scientific establishment. Paolo Friere’s philosophy of popular educa-tion and the anthropological method teach us to take these beliefs seriously. The white…Continue

Tags: THOMAS LYONS, article, 2014, August

Started by AT admin in AT August 2014 Aug 16.

CHARLOTTE LIVINGSTONE Armed peace: Militarization of Rio de Janeiro’s favelas for the World Cup

Rio de Janeiro's city policy of Pacifying Police Units (UPP) for strategically located favelas is part of the state's reconfiguration of the city, involving military occupations, evictions and gentrification in the lead up to the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics. Yet since I arrived in Rio to carry out doctoral research on young people's experiences with the UPP, the flaws in the project have become increasingly exposed as the policy appears to be experiencing a crisis. This paper describes…Continue

Tags: CHARLOTTE LIVINGSTONE, narrative, 2014, August

Started by AT admin in AT August 2014 Aug 16.

OBITUARY. ROXANA WATERSON Judith Ennew (1944-2013)

No abstract is available for this article.Wiley Online LibraryContinue

Tags: obituary, 2014, August

Started by AT admin in AT August 2014 Aug 16.


Blog Posts

Scottish referendum - Ullrich Kockel

Posted by Gustaaf Houtman on September 19, 2014 at 10:39 0 Comments

The people of Scotland have spoken, and the Prime Minister promises their voices will be heard. Following two years of campaigning generating unprecedented public participation and reaching previously disengaged group in large numbers, the referendum delivered a solid majority for Scotland remaining in the UK. According to opinion polls, the youngest voters were predominantly inclined to vote "no". On the night of polling day, one young man on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, having just voted "no",…


From 'Human Terrain' 'to Human Domain' - Another Pentagon concept?

Posted by Gustaaf Houtman on February 27, 2013 at 19:00 0 Comments

Sisk, Richard 2013. 'Human Domain' Enters Future Army War Plans. News, 20 February 2013.

Keith Walker at AUSA 2012.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- The Army's core mission as the world's dominant land power must meld with the challenges posed by future conflicts that will increasingly be fought over "human terrain," senior Army officials…


Human Terrain continues

Posted by Gustaaf Houtman on February 27, 2013 at 17:00 0 Comments

Hanley, Ken 2013. Op-Ed: Problematic Human Terrain System continues despite criticism. Digital Journal, 21 February

VandenBroek, T 2013. Army plows ahead with troubled war-zone program. USA Today, 21 February.



Akbar Ahmed on drones

Posted by Gustaaf Houtman on February 18, 2013 at 11:00 0 Comments

American University professor Akbar Ahmed talked about his book, The Thistle and the Drone: How America’s War on Terror Became a Global War on Tribal Islam. He also talked about the debate over the use of drones by the Obama administration. This interview, recorded at American University in Washington, DC, was part of Book TV’s College Series.…


Marshall Sahlins resigns from the National Academy of Sciences

Posted by Gustaaf Houtman on February 27, 2013 at 16:30 3 Comments

The following items have been published in relation to Marshall Sahlin's resignation (to be updated as more sources become available):

Golden, Serena 2013 A protest resignation.Inside Higher Education, 25 February.

Horgan, John 2013 …


Michel-Rolph Trouillot, 1949-2012

Posted by Matthew Parsfield on July 13, 2012 at 10:00 0 Comments

MICHEL-ROLPH Trouillot, the esteemed Haitian anthropologist and professor at the University of Chicago, has died at the age of 62.…


Crisis is as cultural as Kula

Posted by Matthew Parsfield on May 5, 2012 at 19:30 0 Comments

THE FINANCIAL crisis must be understood culturally if "discredited" neoliberal economic perspectives are to be challenged, argued Keir Martin on the Guardian's website in April. 

Taking Malinowski's classic study of Trobriand …


UPDATED: US Military in new anthropologist recruitment drive

Posted by Matthew Parsfield on April 25, 2012 at 12:00 0 Comments

GRADUATE recruitment websites and university email lists are being flooded with vacanciesfor embedded social scientists as the US Military steps up…


Banking on Kim

Posted by Matthew Parsfield on April 23, 2012 at 22:30 0 Comments

MEDICAL anthropologist and public health leader Jim Yong Kim has been appointed as the 12th President of the World Bank. The Korean-born American academic was the first Washington nominee ever to be opposed for the role, but successfully saw off the challenge of Nigerian finance minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala to maintain the USA’s seven…


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ANTHCAL - Calendar of events as published in the last issue of ANTHROPOLOGY TODAY

We try to avoid errors, but please check dates before making a special journey. Entries are best submitted with a current web address to which readers can refer for further details. AnthCal is online at
Points of departure: Photography from Senegal by Mamadou Gomis and Judith Quaz (to 07.09.2014); Star House Pole: Early images of the Haida totem pole (to 28.09.2014). Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford, South Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3PP; tel. +44 (0)1865 270927;
Ancient lives: New discoveries (to 30.11.2014); Gems of Chinese painting (to 21.08.2014) Living and dying (permanent); Africa Gallery (permanent). British Museum, Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3DG; tel. +44 (0)20 7323 8299 (information desk);
Extremes (to 02.11.2014); Whisper of the stars: Traditional life in Arctic Siberia (to 07.09.2014); Art of harmony (to 01.09.2014); African worlds (permanent); Centenary gallery: 100 years of collecting (permanent). Horniman Museum, 100 London Road, Forest Hill, London SE23 3PQ;
tel. +44 (0)20 8699 1872;
Buddha’s word: The life of books in Tibet and beyond (to 17.01.2015). Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, Downing Street, Cambridge CB2 3DZ; tel +44 (0)1223 333516;
2-7 Sep 2014 International multidisciplinary scientific conferences on social sciences and arts. Albena, Bulgaria.
3 Sep 2014 4th RAI postgraduate conference. Whose anthropology is it anyway? Connections in the modern world. Brunel University. Contact:
7-9 Sep 2014 3rd Global conference: Time, space & the body. Oxford.
7-14 Sep 2014 Origins of the state and related subjects. IUAES Congress. Wigry Conference Centre, Poland.
11-12 Sep 2014 Memory: Forgetting and creating. Gdansk.
11-13 Sep 2014 8th Global conference: Fear, horror and terror: Rituals, myths and symbolism. Inter-Disciplinary.Net
12 Sep 2014 15.00 RAI AGM at the BP Lecture Theatre, Clore Education Centre, British Museum, WC1. At approx. 17.00: Henry Myers Lecture by David Wengrow. Followed by drinks reception.
12-14 Sep 2014 BABAO Conference. 16th Annual Conference of the British Association for Biological Anthropology and Osteoarchaeology. Durham University.
20 Sep 2014 Intangible cultural heritage in the UK. Museum of London Docklands, No 1 Warehouse, West India Quay, London E144AL.
22-23 Sep 2014 Arab uprising: Researching the revolutions. CBRL British Institute Amman.
22-27 Sep 2014 13th Conference of the ISISA, the International Small Islands Studies Association. ‘Small is beautiful: Island connections and innovations’. Penghu Islands, Taiwan.
24 Sep 2014 17.30-19.30 RAI research seminar. The Mari Lwyd in Wales: Celebration as national identity. Juliette Wood.
1 Oct 2014 17.30 RAI Research Seminar: Evolutionary life history theory and the demographic consequences of rural development intervention in Ethiopia. Mhairi Gibson.
8 Oct 2014 17.30-19.30 Archaeology on the track of fire: the consequences for human life and recent researches in Africa (provisional title). John Gowlett.
15 Oct 2014 17:30-19:30 RAI Research Seminar. Emergence of ethnomusicology and the RAI. John Baily.
16 Oct 2014, 9.30 Reviewer meets reviewed. War and embodied memory: Becoming disabled in Sierra Leone. Maria Bergs vs Paul Basu. Anthropology Library and Research Centre, British Museum. Contact:
22 Oct 2014 17.30-19.30 RAI Research Seminar. Curating sound: Views from the galleries, streets and rainforests. Noel Lobley.
29 Oct 2014 17:30-19:30. RAI Research Seminar: Ethnomusicology and dance. Andree Grau.
3-5 Nov 2014 Knowledge/culture/economy international conference. Parramatta, NSW, Australia.
4-5 Nov 2014 Disorder - University of Sydney Anthropology Symposium.
5 Nov 2014 17.30-19.30 RAI Research Seminar. Voices in music, voices on music: Anthropology and ethnomusicology in dialogue. Suzel Reilly.
7 Nov 2014 17.30 Huxley Memorial Lecture by Tim Ingold. Stevenson Lecture Theatre, Clore Education Centre, the British Museum, Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3DG.
8 Nov 2014 11.00-16.00 Mapping cultures. Horniman Museum.
10-13 Nov 2014 Cosmopolitan anthropologies. Combined ASAANZ/AAS conference. Queenstown, Otago, New Zealand.
12 Nov 2014 17.30-19.30 RAI Research seminar: Modernism, Malinowski and the making of anthropology.
20 Nov 2014 10.00 Reviewer meets reviewed: International seafarers and transnationalism in the 21st Century. Helen Sampson vs Olivia Swift. Anthropology Library and Research Centre, British Museum. Contact:
25 Nov 2014 3rd International conference on contemporary ethnography across the disciplines Hamilton New Zealand.
3 Dec 2015 RAI Research Seminar: Anthropology in 2014 (and earlier, at the RAI, and elsewhere). Raymond Apthorpe.
3 Dec 2014 International Multidisciplinary Conference on Traditional medical systems of Africa and Asia and their transformations Wroclaw, Poland.
3-6 Dec 2014 21st Biennial Pacific History Association Conference. ‘Lalan, chalan, tala, ara (path): Reconnecting Pacific-Asia histories. Taipei & Taitung, Taiwan.
3-7 Dec 2014 AAA 113th annual meeting, Marriott Wardman Park & Omi Shoreham, Washington, DC
APRIL 2015
13-16 Apr 2015 Symbolic anthropologies. ASA conference.
16-17 Apr 2015 Fifth International Conference on Religion and Spirituality in Society. Berkeley, USA.
JUNE 2015
11-14 Jun 2015 ACSS 2015 Sixth Asian Conference on the Social Sciences. Theme: Power. Osaka, Japan.
21 to 26 June 2015 9th International Conference on Easter Island and the Pacific (EIPC 2015). Cultural and environmental dynamics. Ethnological Museum Dahlem, Berlin.
JULY 2015
2 Jul 2015 London Anthropology Day 2015. Clore Centre, British Museum.
15-18 Jul 2015 IUAES Inter-Congress, Bangkok.
18-22 Nov 2015 AAA annual meeting. Colorado Convention Center, Denver, CO
APRIL 2016
20-25 Apr 2016 IUAES Inter-Congress, Dubrovnik, Croatia.
16-20 Nov 2016 AAA annual meeting. Minneapolis Convention Center. Minneapolis, MN
29 Nov-3 Dec 2017 AAA annual meeting. Washington DC
14-18 Nov 2018 AAA annual meeting. San Jose, CA.
t.b.a. IUAES 17th world congress. Brazil


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